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Digital Security Workshop: Conceptual Basics

How do I encrypt my e-mail and why should I? Why is Facebook harmful for protest organising? What types of digital surveillance do police use? How can such surveillance be used as a tool of intimidation and repression of protest? How can we push back?

As a part of the Victorian Law Foundation’s Law Week 2021, join Melbourne Activist Legal Support for a community-focused online training on activist digital security. Learn about Open Source tools and strategies to help protect yourself or your group from increasingly intrusive digital surveillance by police.

Related topics for additional discussion can include security culture in general, encrypted communications techniques, data awareness online and offline, privacy as a concept but also as a legal right, and specific anti-surveillance communication techniques and tools.

A free event, all are welcome and questions are encouraged!

This event is online only. 

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Melbourne Activist Legal Support (MALS)

is an independent volunteer group of lawyers, human rights advocates, law students, and para-legals. MALS trains and fields Legal Observer Teams at protest events, monitors and reports on policing at activist events, provides training and advice to activist groups on legal support structures, and develops and distributes legal resources for positive social movements. MALS works in conjunction with law firms, community legal centres, and a range of local, national and international human rights agencies. We stand up for civil & political rights.
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