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Melbourne Activist Legal Support (MALS)
Locked Bag 7
Collingwood, Victoria
Australia 3066

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For questions concerning potential legal support for a past action or current charges, please explore our list of contacts for supportive legal firms. If you're unsure, you can send us an inquiry using the form below, or write to [email protected]

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You may use the form below to contact us with your inquiries relating to activism, what MALS does, and how we might be able to help you. Please keep your message brief and to the point. We receive a lot of e-mail, but we will do our best to reply to you as soon as possible.

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    Encrypted E-mail

    MALS can accept and respond to your e-mail using OpenPGP.

    OpenPGP is a common encryption standard that guards the content of your e-mail messages from being read in transit.

    To send MALS encrypted e-mail, you must first install our Public Key, and then send your encrypted message to:

    admin [at] melbactivistlegal [dot] org [dot] au

    Please note that if you prefer an encrypted response from us, you will have to also provide your Public Key in kind. It could be a good idea to attach it to your initial message to help streamline the process.

    You can find more information about OpenPGP here, including supported software and links to guides to help you get started.

    Please note: Unfortunately, MALS does not have the capacity to provide technical assistance outside of Digital Security Workshops.

    Encrypted Chat

    You can also contact MALS anonymously using Session Chat.

    Session Chat is a free and Open Source end-to-end encrypted messenger that removes sensitive metadata, is not tethered to your phone number, is censorship resistant, and designed for privacy and anonymity.

    You can contact us via Session by adding our ID:

    Or by scanning this QR code: